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*NOTE: ACNC Registered Charity Status Pending. Charter is subject to change.

Ourland Indigenous Corporation Charter

Indigenous Corporation Number: 10151

This charter is the doctrine that governs Ourlands vision and direction

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The Charter

The Ourland Non Profit* Charter is a document that outlines the structure and purpose of the Ourland Non Profit*. It is a living document that can be amended by the Ourland Non Profit Board of Directors. The Ourland Non Profit Charter is not a legally binding document.

The Mission

To empower Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people by enabling greater access to their culture through data


  • Create and operate a series of digital customer facing technologies to enable users to find out about each community, their whereabouts, their language, their associations and the community members.
  • Create an enterprise Business to Business API that will enable non-Indigenous & Torres Strait Islander businesses to access the customer facing data at a cost that will be distributed to community.
  • Establish strong bonds with each community and offer free services to digitize their data to allow access to future generations.